1- No over vaccination will be tolerated.
Basic puppy vaccines (DHPP) and rabies (at 6 months of age) only if the dog is completely healthy. We recommand following the Canine Vaccination Protocol by Dr. Jean Dodds here: https://hemopet.org/canine-vaccination-protocol-by-dr-jean-dodds/.

2- A the species-appropriate diet is strongly recommended.
If you want a dog with an optimal health, I strongly recommend that you keep your Ridgeback on a raw diet when you bring your puppy home. All of my dogs and puppies are fed only on a well balanced species-appropriate diet, which gives them a better chance of thriving throughout their lives.

3- Mandatory socialization at a young age.
Your puppy must absolutely be out in several environment at a young age, to optimize his socialization. All while respecting the animal and its desires, without forcing it to do the things that make him afraid not to traumatize him for the rest of his days. What could bring unwanted behaviors in adulthood!

4- No reproduction accepted except in case of agreement with Zeni at the purchase.
All our puppies leave with a non-breeding contract and it is in no case possible to breed them if the agreement was not made in the very beggining with Zeni. Any reproduction agreement will be clearly written on the purchase contract. Otherwise, it is strictly forbidden to breed your Ridgeback Zeni, otherwise you risk a lawsuit. All pets must be sterilized at the age specified on the purchase contract. Evidence provided by a veterinarian has to be sent to the breeder after the sterilization within delay mentioned in the purchase contract.

5- All dogs must come back to Zeni if you are no longer able to care for it.
Any one that have to get rid of their Zeni Ridgeback must contact me. It is strictly forbidden to sale your dog. All Zeni dogs must return to the kennel before they find a new family.