If you are interested in getting a puppy/adult dog from Zeni, here are the steps you will need to take and how the process will go.


1- Read the website to see what Zeni values and practices are.
You will find all (or almost) the necessary information to know about my kennel on my website as well as on the facebook page. You can also write to me if you have any more questions. It's easier to have a quick feedback by messenger on facebook or by coming to meet us, the dogs and I at the events in which we participate. You can also send me an email at
info@zenirr.com but the answer could take a little longer.


2- Fill out the attached adoption form.
If you are still interested in buying a dog from Zeni after you have read the website, fill out the form. It is best to complete the questionnaire as honestly as possible so that I can match the best dog with your family.


3- Waiting for information for a next litter.
When your form is completed and submitted, you can now confidently wait for your form to be registered and pending. I will contact you when I am close to planning a litter to make sure you are still interested in having a puppy.


4- First contact.
When the litter is planned, I will look at all the forms received and write to you one by one to find out if you are still interested. If ever there are more requests than possible for a single litter, I will write to tell you that it will go to the next litter.


5- Meeting the family and the dogs.
After contacting everyone for a puppy, I will meet, either individually or in groups so that you can meet my dogs and I so we can discuss your expectations and concerns towards your next puppy.


6- Confirmation of litter and deposit for administrative fees.
When the puppies are born and alive, I will contact you again to confirm your puppy. I will wait until they are alive so I don't give you false hope, should something happen, since we are dealing with nature and can't predict the future. An administrative fee of $500 will apply for the opening of your adoption file. This fee must be paid at this time if you want to continue the Zeni adventure. In case of cancellation, this fee is not refundable.


7- Updates via facebook.
You will be able to follow the evolution of the litter by facebook, either on the public page or the private Famille Zeni Family group, created for people who have dogs from our kennel!


8- Puppy party.
I'll be contacting you all to have a "puppy party" when they're old enough, so you can meet them all and give me your 3 favorite picks. If one of your choices suits your lifestyle, I would be happy to place this puppy with you!


9- Confirmation of your puppy.
At 8 weeks, after the evaluation of all the puppies and the first visit to the veterinarian, I will be able to confirm to all the families, which puppy will join them. We will also be able to schedule an appointment so that you can pick up your puppy and pay the total amount of $2800 taxes included.


10- Final visit to pick up your puppy.
You will finally be able to leave with your puppy for its forever home, with all its necessary documents and information!


11- Lifetime support via facebook and personal contact.
You can always contact me when you have questions and/or problems. If you ever have to part with your dog, it is essential that you contact me. I will take the dog home first to make sure he is placed in a family that suits his temperament.