We offer boarding to 1 or 2 dogs at the time only which means to check the availability quickly to make sure there is availability.
Contact us to to know the availabilities.

The starting price is $25 per day. Price may increase if there is any special care needs for the dog.


Requirements for your dogs to be accepted.

1- MUST be crate trained.

2- Must NOT be sick at the time of boarding.

3- It is preferable that he/she is ok/likes other dogs

4- CANNOT be aggressive towards humans


At Zeni your dog is sure to have plenty times outdoor with our dogs in our fenced yard, to have free time inside with 1 or 2 dog at the same times.

Here how a day at Zeni should look like.
In the morning all dogs are brought outside in our fenced yard and left to play and do their businesses.
They will be outside 1 or 2 hours (weather permits).

Then all dogs are brought inside for breakfast (if applicable) in their crates and they will be having a short nap about 1h long to prevent any digestive issues.

During the day there is a rotation of dogs in and out of their crate to enjoy some time in the house with other dogs.
Around 4PM everyone goes back outside to do their business and let the crazies out.

Then all dogs are brought inside for dinner, in their crates and they will be having a nap about 2-4h long to prevent any digestive issues and to relax from the day.

After we humans have had our dinner, dogs are back out in a rotation until night time where they all go back outside for their business before bed time.
We make sure that dogs that have been in their crates the latest due to rotation, have their time out first.


What you should bring with your dog.

- Bowl

- Food

- Blanket

- Collar with name tag (will not stay on your dog all the time)

- We will need contact informations provided if anything were to happen.

- Medication if needed (extra fees depending on the duration of the stay)

* If you feel like it's needed, we have many ticks in high season so either a prevention or a protection. We do spray the dogs with natural products before letting them a long time outside in high tick season.

If you have any questions, do no hesitate to contact us.